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In 1948 Harley-Davidson introduced the Panhead without spending enough time in research and development. As a result thousands of these motorcycles were manufactured with a serious mechanical problem that took H-D 12 years to figure out. And to this day they have never offered a solution.

The problem is a poorly designed top-end oiling system, resulting in lack of lubrication that drastically shortens the life of critical components.

In stock Panhead engines, oil is routed through a passageway in the head that is only an eighth of an inch away from the combustion chamber. By the time it reaches the moving parts the oil is more than 100 degrees hotter than the oil in the tank, and its viscosity is reduced to less than 10-weight.

Inadequate lubrication by this thin, hot oil causes excessive wear at the rocker arm, valve stem, and valve guide.

To make things worse, the burned and blackened oil then returns to tank where it contaminates the engine’s remaining oil.

At FLO Headworks, we have researched this problem thoroughly and developed an external oiling system that we guarantee will double the life expectancy of your Pan or Shovel’s rockers, valves, and guides. Plus, your engine will run smoother and cooler.

How big a difference does our Top End Oiler Kit make? The oil temperature in the tank will be reduced by 50 degrees in Panheads and 30 degrees in Shovelheads. And your oil will lose that “metalflake” look and start to look like petroleum again.

The machining process we employ is carefully thought out and precise, and we take lots of time. We love those old Harley engines as much as you do! Special fixtures and jigs are used to machine your heads.

The original oil passage is blocked off at the head gasket surface. Not only does the final result work great, it looks great, too.

Only the highest quality materials are used in our Top End Oiler Kits. The oil manifold is manufactured in house from top-grade 2024-T4 grade aluminum, 5/8 inch in diameter, hexagon in shape and polished. The hose is #4 heavy-duty aircraft-type stainless-steel braided with solid brass ferrules and tested to 150 pounds pressure. The inside diameter orifice has been reduced and designed to give adequate lubrication without flooding.


This machining process can be done in less than one week at any time of the year.

Both Top End Oiler Kits come complete with complete installation instructions. Please specify your model and which oil pump is being used. For the Shovelhead, this kit requires no machining of the cylinder heads.

So, if your Pan or Shovel’s oil looks like metallic paint, you might want to consider shipping your heads to us for a week or so while we fix the problem.

Top End Oil Drain Kit

This oil drain kit is offered for engines built with Shovelhead or aftermarket cases by using the vacuum port. 

The kit reduces your temperature by a FURTHER 30 degrees (in Pan and Shovel) over the Oiler Kit. Panheads, Shovelheads and Evolution heads require maching.

Our work and products are guaranteed for one year. For an estimate on your particular application contact us directly by telephone at 805-481-6300. Or you can e-mail us.


Shovelhead with Top End Oiler Kit


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